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Tiny Tots Tennis Program

Medford Village Country Club Tiny Tots Program

The Tiny Tot Tennis Program (ages 3-5 years) is ideal for any child who is interested in tennis and having fun.

We teach real tennis, introducing them to the basic core tennis fundamentals with an emphasis placed on hand-eye coordination and footwork exercises.

Class Details

Class Activities:  Lessons for this age level involve drills, games, exercises and hand-eye coordination activities to build your child’s tennis skills.

Every class begins with running and stretching. Next, instructors lead fun, tennis- based activities such as “tennis hockey” and “walking our dog”. These activities build upon the core concepts of a tennis swing such as low to high and ball control.  The instructor then moves on to additional hitting drills that cover: tennis volleys, overheads, serving, and forehands.  Drills vary between stationary drills, running shots, and running exercises. 
Class Length: All classes are 40-60 minutes long, depending on size. Lessons typically consist of dynamic stretching with a focus on core body movement and coordination. The students spend time learning new tennis skills and fundamental technical practices by hitting balls, playing hand-eye coordination games, running, and lots of smiles. There are also 2-3 water breaks during every lesson.


We’d like to give you the opportunity to take the time to relax by the pool, watch your tot on the court or run a quick errand.  The instructor is a mom of tots herself and understands the value of an hour!  We hope that by the end of the class session, students will be self-sufficient, independent, and have heightened their tennis abilities, so that guardians can sit on the benches and cheer students on. 

Session Schedule

Sessions are 40-60 minutes in length and will be held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3-4pm.  The program is $10 for members and $12 for non-members per child.

Contact Mary Jewett to sign up or for more information!